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Many first-time business owners neglect the technicalities of starting a new business. Here’s the rule: if you haven’t registered your business, or obtained the proper permits, it’s not a business yet!


Neglecting this important first step can lead to steep fees, complicated tax problems, and even closure of your business. So before you do anything else, make sure that you have the proper certification and structure in place to operate.

The first step is determining what kind of business you’ll have, whether it will be sole proprietorship, an LLC, or one of the many other forms of business entities. Here are some considerations that will be important when determining what kind of organization suits your needs best:

  • How many people will have ownership in the business

  • How your taxes will be structured

  • Liability, and whether you are okay with personal liability in the business, or if you want it to be restricted to the business

  • Provisions for transfer of ownership, or changes that can happen when one or more member leaves the business

  • Capital and investor needs of the business


We can assist you with the technicalities of forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company), S-Corp, C-Corp, so that you can concentrate on the exciting part of bringing your business vision to life. We offer additional services that are useful to entrepreneurs, like entity name search and trademark registration

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Your business should be planted on solid ground, confident in the efficacy and accuracy of its structure. Once all the proper paperwork is obtained, signed, and filed, you can move forward without worry or fear of hidden loopholes and complications that can stop your business from getting up off the ground. We know the laws and regulations that you’ll need, and how to set up a system that will nurture your business’ needs.


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